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Lacoste Unisex Mask
490 ₴
Lacoste Unisex Mask
Lacoste Unisex Mask
Lacoste Unisex Mask

Lacoste Unisex Mask

Product Code: RF0104-04B

  • Essential for everyone, this supple washable mask* has been produced to give your barrier measures extra protection. Thanks to its triple thickness of spray-suppressing piqué cotton and its seamless double-pleat structure, it is worn from the nose to the chin. Its plate metal grip adjusts on the bridge of your nose and its stretchable pulls fit gently to your face. *This mask is not a medical mask as per the EU/2017/745 regulation, nor personal protective equipement as per the EU/2016/425 regulation.
  • 100% cotton
  • 2.2cm green stitched crocodile
  • Single size
  • Maximum use 4 hours. Guaranteed for 20 washes.
  • As a hygiene measure, masks cannot be returned or exchanged.
Lacoste Unisex Mask
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