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    { "currency": "UAH", "value": 1116.00, "items": [ { "index": 0, "item_id": "TF0233.W31", "item_sku": "4125683", "item_name": "Lacoste LIVE Women’s Loose Bicolour Cotton T\u002Dshirt", "item_brand": "Lacoste", "item_category": "Giyim", "item_category2": "Women", "item_category3": "T-Shirt", "item_category4": "none", "item_category5": "none", "item_variant": "PINK", "size_availability": 0, "price": 1116.00, "full_price": 2790.00, "discount": 1674.00, "currency": "UAH" } ] }
    { "productDetail": { "type": "Product Viewed", "data": { "product_id": "TF0233", "name": "Lacoste LIVE Women’s Loose Bicolour Cotton T\u002Dshirt", "price": 1116, "brand": "Lacoste", "sku": "4125683", "variant": "Pembe", "category": "Kadın / TSHIRT", "dimension11": "21SS", "dimension14": "TF0233W31", "dimension15": "4125683", "dimension16": " 2790 ", "dimension17": "indirimli" , "dimension18": "T44", "dimension30": "26996" } } }
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    Lacoste LIVE Women’s Loose Bicolour Cotton T-shirt

    2790 ₴ 1116 ₴

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    Ürün Kodu: TF0233.W31

      Inspired by retro streetwear trends, this colourblock T-shirt promises a season in style. Crafted in comfortable cotton jersey, it is distinctive for its trendy loose cut and oversized silicone crocodile appliqué on the chest. Wear it with mom jeans and coloured sneakers for a fashionable urban look.

    • Ribbed crew neck
    • Cotton jersey
    • Boxy fit
    • Colourblock
    • Oversized silicone crocodile appliqué on chest
    • Cotton (100%)

    Lacoste LIVE Women’s Loose Bicolour Cotton T-shirt

    1.116 ₴

    2.790 ₴

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